5 Best Ways To Beat Work Stress And Increase Productivity
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5 Best Ways To Beat Work Stress And Increase Productivity

by Vickie Chin on Jun 16, 2021

organic traditions blog post 5 ways to beat work stress and increase productivity 

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Reports suggest that stress and anxiety affect 1.3 percent of the workforce and are the leading cause behind most industrial mishaps. Regardless of the position you hold on the corporate ladder, no one is immune to the pressure of daily working life. The good news is that people increasingly recognize the importance of greater awareness of mental health issues nowadays.

Most modern organizations have adopted proactive ways to avoid employee exhaustion and stress. After all, stress and fatigue have a direct impact on employee productivity. With that, here’s showing you five ways to beat work stress and increase productivity.

1.   Incorporate Superfood Into Your Diet & Lifestyle

The importance of superfoods in our regular lifestyle is unmatched. Even though you cannot avoid stress at work, start by alleviating its detrimental impact on your work productivity. Build resilience and learn how to cultivate the body’s state of balance. However, there is one thing that you can strictly follow - a healthy diet. Consider incorporating foods like berries, green tea, boiled eggs, and avocado as they can stimulate the blood flow and oxygen to your brain. Besides, one can also consume adaptogens like Ashwagandha and meals rich in magnesium.

Speaking of which, Ashwagandha is one of the ancient medicinal herbs, comprising multiple health benefits. It can not only reduce stress and anxiety, fight depression, but can also boost brain function, which can be vital at work.

2.   Leverage the Power of Conversation

Having face-to-face conversations can help in solving issues quickly and establish a personal rapport with your colleagues. People tend to contain their emotions in particularly stressful conditions. It can cause more damage to your health than you think.

So, taking some time to have proper discussions with the ones around you can help make a real difference to your performance and wellbeing. Your colleagues will understand your situation, and they might help you with tips and ideas. There might be others who feel as stressed as you are, and maybe you can come to a solution together. Also, you might learn from the way other people cope with work stress and increase their productivity. Keep in mind that open communication can make things a lot better than you think.

organic traditions blog post 5 ways to beat work stress and increase productivity man working 

3.   Take Care of Your Psychological Well Being

Going for daily exercises and eating well is crucial for taking care of your psychological well-being. The good thing about physical activity is that it releases endorphins that improve your mood. It also helps in relieving excess energy that builds up due to stress.

Working for long hours also creates the tendency to skip meals. You keep thinking that you will eat after meeting this deadline or that. And before you know it, you have already skipped your lunch break. Research suggests that skipping lunch breaks every day amounts to an estimated loss of £50 million a day in terms of productivity. Skipping lunch might cause a severe dip in productivity that ends up affecting your performance at work.

Simple ways to increase your energy levels include low sugar foods and cutting down your daily caffeine intake. It will help you in releasing energy slowly. Also, it will keep your stress hormones under control.

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4.   Make Sure You Take Some Time Out to Unwind

Mobile technology makes it harder for people to switch off at the end of a long day and balance their priorities. There is that temptation to check your emails at weekends or late at night. This means you are constantly worrying because you are never distancing yourself from work. It is essential to be productive and dedicated to your work. But if you don’t take some time out to unwind, you will feel fatigued and burned out.

So, you need to set a particular time aside as your working hour. Beyond this time, switch off your emails and find ways to relax. You can go for a nice walk in the evening to freshen and clear your mind. You can engage in your favorite hobbies, such as gardening, cooking, or reading a book.

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5.   Know Your Limits and the Extent of Your Abilities

Seeing that an employee can manage competing priorities and pressures is an attractive quality in the eyes of any prospective employer. However, giving your nod to every request and taking on more work than you can handle is not suitable for your well-being and performance at work. You need to remain assertive because it will lessen the chances of getting overburdened with workloads. The pressure to meet surmounting and unrealistic expectations will also stay at bay.

Retaining a strong sense of your abilities makes sure that you can perform your best. It will also ensure that there is no burnout and exhaustion in the long run. Most modern businesses encourage open communication between staff and management, and it helps in fostering positive relationships. So, try to communicate better and take on the workload that you can handle with ease. You can try Canadian Anabolics to get some help in this regard.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are more than one ways to cut down on your work stress. The key aspect is that you need to make your health and wellbeing a priority. You can enhance your productivity only with sound health and mind. So, follow these five ideas, and you will see a positive change in your life.